Be assured that you have 14 days from delivery to evaluate our work. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we would like the opportunity to address your issues and get you back ‘onside’. However, ultimately, if you strap the house back on the pallet, we will arrange to replace the entire house or collect and arrange a refund.

For five years after purchase, if any part of your housing requires replacing for a fault that is our responsibility, we will send you replacement parts and the appropriate fixings to effect a repair.

Granddad Rob Designs Ltd will not consider itself liable for the deterioration of your house that we consider is due to misuse or lack of upkeep. The timbers used are pressure-treated prior to building, so they are well protected against rot. However, we strongly recommend that your housing is treated at least once yearly with our water-repellent, animal-safe timber treater, OVERCOAT. Overcoat forms an invisible, water-repellent layer over the house, lessening the moisture uptake that in time, could promote timber decay.